Redefining scrolling

I’ve not found Apple’s Lion upgrade painful or particularly remarkable. But I’m going to admit to being pretty impressed by Apple’s brazen redefinition of how we should scroll using trackpads and mouse wheels.

“Natural scrolling” ha ha.

Next to trying to type on somebody else’s non-Dvorak keyboard, reversed scrolling could easily became one of the most tedious cross-machine usability irritations.

I continue to find it pretty extraordinary that a company that still holds only a little over 10% of the PC market can be so influential on the rest of the industry. The smart money must be on “natural” scrolling being de facto scrolling for every computer within a year or two.

Of course, the more interesting issue is why Apple felt the need to unify touchpad and touchscreen scrolling at this point. Doubtless, like the good Apple consumers that we are, we’re being prepped for something.

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