A new iPhone

To buy a Sprint iPhone in an Apple Store, the salesperson has to fire up VMWare on an iMac and use Internet Explorer to run Sprint’s on-boarding tool. Once they’ve asked you a whole lot of questions (the answers to which have been in my Apple ID for years) they then ask you them all over again as they type the details into their own system.

Pretty surprising that any company would tolerate that, especially Apple. Maybe working with TelCos is rubbing off on them…


What’s your URL

It’s been at least 12 years since I had to approve copy and artwork for a bus side. But back then I’m fairly certain that I would have wondered if there couldn’t be a better URL than the one used here. Was anybody actually expected to remember the /en/?


It’s no wonder that advertisers are usingĀ and @twitter addresses so much if this is the best kind of landing page URL the web teams can come up with.