The WordPress user pyramid

There are very many WordPress sites on the internet. At the last independent count, 17.4% of the web’s top one million sites (according to Alexa) are running WordPress. But that only  accounts only for 174,000 site, and we know of least a couple of hundred times this number. We estimate the current total to be nearly 60 million.

At the recent Pressnomics Conference I gave a presentation in which I talked about the (vast) numbers of WordPress websites, and how I try to think about these when it comes to the business opportunity around WordPress. It’s basically a rough user segmentation:

I don’t have any great numbers about how many sites fall into each group. But some kind of order of magnitude scale starting at 10,000 ‘Big Enterprise’ sites might not be that far off. What I do see is the patterns that work alongside the pyramid. These users have varying needs that frequently scale up or down depending on whether they’re at the top or bottom of the pyramid:

Top Bottom
Price Sensitivity Low High
Security needs High Low
Sales Process Extensive Quick (to non-existent)
Support required Lots Still need some
Payment terms Months Minutes

It’s pretty crazy that WordPress is able to serve all these different segments so well. It can also be a big distraction (especially for businesses): I do not believe that it’s possible for another product to serve all these markets and be a viable business at the same time.

Focusing on just one segment is helpful: you can learn about its needs and build your business around it. For example, if you hate the sales process, you probably shouldn’t be in an Enterprise business; if you’re into providing rock-tight security, you should be focusing on high end customers that are willing to pay for it.

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