Ebay Valet

There’s a big box of stuff that I’ve been wanting to sell forever. The number of items in the box has steadily grown, while the value per item has steadily declined. Some of those gadgets used to be in demand (looking at you, Nike FuelBand).

As the amount of stuff increased, so the idea of posting all those different things on Craigslist or Ebay became increasingly overwhelming. So I was pretty happy to discover Ebay Valet.

It’s pretty simple. I used the app to take a picture of each item, recorded a voice message about what it is, its condition, and any other useful information. Once I’d done this for the dozen or so items I wanted to sell, I printed a shipping label (no charge) and put everything in a box.

A month or so later, 9 of the 12 items have sold. Together with the unsold items, there’s a check for nearly $300 on its way to me (Ebay Valet kept 30%). I’m thinking of that as almost pure profit — those things were destined to end up in an electronics recycling bin sometime in 2016.

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